Barrel heaters, several models

- For keeping liquids warm and fluid

Barrel heater

Barrel heater

The barrel heater is designed to keep liquids and oil-based products warm and fluid.

As standard, the barrel heater is delivered with an indicator LED, 30-110 °C, thermostat, 165 °C thermal cut-off, 3 m power cord with a plug for connection to grounded sockets. As requested, other thermostats and thermal cut-offs can be fitted.


The barrel heater meets the requirements per EN 60335-1.


During operation, the barrel heater must be mounted on a barrel. The barrel heater may not be used outdoors or in wet rooms and must be kept dry.


Norske Backer offers a complete range for every need, in different materials and for different temperatures. We also deliver warmer to industries with particularly strict requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Optional equipment

Backer protective jacket in PVC for containers

Backer top protection in Cordura for containers

Backer insulation jacket in Cordura for containers

Backer insulation jacket in nylon for containers

Backer barrel insulation/ insulation jacket for 200-litre barrels

Backer heater plate 0–120 °C for barrel bottoms

Backer heater plate 50–300 °C for barrel bottoms

Product examples

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