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Nozzle elements

Nozzle elements

Nozzle elements are produced with high precision and with high surface loading capacity to meet the high demands for quick and safe heating.

Nozzle elements for plastic extruders we kept in stock

During the manufacturing process the element is subjected to very high pressure to attain high insulation resistance, good heat transmission without internal voids in the element and a very smooth surface for optimal and uniform heat transmission from the total surface of the element. The element is tightly sealed to keep molten plastic, oil or gas, for example, from leaking in.

Technical data


Brass sheath


45° axial connection

1000 mm cable

Ground connection, protected by a metal braid casing.


230 V

Surface loading

4.5 W/cm²

Tensional stability

2 kW

Special design

Stainless steel sheath for very corrosive environments, such as for PVC injection molding, which also allows a higher temperatures and surface loading 7W/cm2. Thermal sensor type J for temperature regulation. Alternative connections see above.


Assembly instruction

Socket head cap wrench 4 mm is used.

It is very important that the nozzle element is thightly assembled to avoid any internal voids between elements and injenction molder nozzles, for example. After initial heating, the nozzle element must be re-tensioned. Avoid bending the connection cable close to the element. Avoid bending the connection cable close to the element. Remaining plastic material at element surface can be removed by heating to melting point.

Avoid impact to the element and take good care when removing plastic.

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