British Ormandy Electric - now part of the Backer Group


All capabilities including engineering, manufacturing and equipment have been transferred to one of the british companies of the Backer Group Heatrod Elements manufacturing site in Manchester, where all products will be produced going forward.

Ormandy Electric’s history dates back to 1923, when it was based in Norwich and known as Electric Fires Ltd. The company manufactured various types of electric heaters and fires under the “Heatrae” brand name and first became known as Heatrae Ltd in 1935. The company name Heatrae Industrial Ltd, was first registered in 1946.


In 1953 Heatrae Industrial began to manufacture heaters for use in hazardous areas and today, as Ormandy Electric, continues to be one of the market leaders in hazardous area heating equipment.


Heatrae Industrial became part of the Ormandy Group in 2007 when the business, which was originally transferred from the ownership of Heatrae Sadia Heating in 1999, was sold by BAXI. The company will form part of Heatrod Elements’ Industrial division, who will continue to manufacture an extensive range of products, including:


  • Electric Immersion heaters for Oil, Water & Gases
  • Electric Line heaters
  • ATEX certified Hazardous area heaters
  • Air heaters
  • Bespoke electric heaters


Simon Ellam, Managing Director of Heatrod Elements, says

“Heatrod have worked with Ormandy Group for many years and this was an opportunity for both of our organisations to consolidate and focus on our core capabilities. Electric heating is at the heart of Heatrod’s business and bringing in the full range of Ormandy Electric products will complement our already successful industrial equipment line-up” .


We welcome Ormandy Electric to the Backer Group!


Ormandy Electric


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