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Design and development
Norske Backer has a product range that continually gets wider through the development of new heating technology solutions. In additional to our own standard products, we also work a lot with customized solutions. Presents your heating needs and we will do our best to design a good solutions just for you. 

Our development department using complex software tool in the best possible way to simulate the individual heating process. This allows us to quickly make the right decisions with account to dimensions of the structure. 


Norske Backer has produced electric heating products since 1969. We are constantly trying to adapt to the market, and in addition to the production of heating elements, today we have modern mechanical workshop and separate electrical department for control and regulation. 


Norske Backer has been ISO-certified since 1994. In addition to ISO 9001, we have IEC / ATEX approved for production of Ex equipment. We are making every effort to be "best in class" in our documentation, then our customers can feel security in our services. 

Here you will find our wide range of products and detailed information on customized solutions.
Here you will find our range of standard products and information about customized products specialized to several industries.
View and download the main catalog. 

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